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Clearly we are in uncharted waters with the NBA, NHL and MLB putting their seasons on an indefinite hold.

I've been in this business since 1983. Countless strikes and work stoppages have come and gone, and I created and launched these websites just months before 9/11 so there's very little I haven't seen or experienced. However, I had been anticipating the shutdown of all professional and college sports since shortly after the Super Bowl as this virus spread throughout China, expecting it would make its way to the United States and you have all seen its impact. 

No games, no betting. Pretty simple. 

The result:

Your packages have been frozen and you can choose when to resume them. 

What does that mean?

Let's say baseball begins or the NBA returns this spring or summer. If you want to resume your package just let Customer Service know. But if you don't like betting baseball (big mistake because it's the easiest sport to make money in) then you can wait until football season resumes. The choice is yours.

If the NBA season resumes or the baseball season gets underway or the NFL season kicks off the handicappers will be back. In the interim, be safe.

- Al DeMarco, General Manager