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Mitch Newman's Rating System

In college I had one particular finance instructor who used to say "5/3rds of all people just don't get fractions."

I think gamblers feel the same way about handicappers' ratings sometimes.

Why must they be so complicated? The entire point of a rating system is that you know how much a handicapper likes a play in relation to how much you should be wagering on it.

Ah, but there's the rub.

I'm going to rate my plays on a 10-to-100 dime system. Nice and simple, right? An 80 Dimer is twice as strong as a 40 Dimer. A 100 Dimer is a Max Wager and 2 1/2 times stronger than a 40 Dimer. 

But how does that correlate to the amount you wager? Well, there are two factors you should consider and only you have those answers:
1 - The size of your bankroll for that given day

2 - Whether you're entering the day on a positive or negative roll

Who is Mitch Newman?

I know I may not look the type, but looks can be deceiving because I got hooked on this thing called gambling probably from the minute I played my first parlay card in 10th grade.

You remember those little slips from years ago your friends would hand out in class. Pick 4 teams for $1 to win $10.

Did I ever win? Hell no, but that taste was all I needed. I graduated to betting through my first "real" bookie while in college, where I studied business. 

You hear a lot about analytics when it comes to managing and coaching teams nowadays. Numbers obviously have a huge impact when it comes to handicapping games and I certainly respect them having a business background. But you can't ignore your gut instinct, your "feel" for a game. It's that blend that's made me successful over the years.

I've used my college degree and worked in the business world, but I eventually gravitated toward the gambling industry, first working as a writer for a couple of national publications/tipsheets and then releasing my own picks to a small following I had built via a phone service. This, however, is the first time I've ever released my plays online to the masses.