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30 DIME WINNER #25 OF 37
(AND #15 OF 21)

North Carolina vs. Notre Dame

24-12 run with all 30 Dime plays, 
including 14-6 L/20

Twice as strong as Sunday's 15 Dime 
on Oregon over Utah

+166 Dimes L/40 basketball releases
(College and NBA)

$50 players are up $8,300 with my last 40 basketball plays!

10-2-1 NBA RUN

(+248 DIMES)

My $50 players are up $12,400 with my last 13 NBA releases!

(College & NBA)

(+166 DIMES)

My $50 players are up $8,300 during this run


Sunday: 15 Dime - Oregon - WIN
Saturday: 15 Dime - Wake Forest - Loss
Friday: 15 Dime: St. Bonaventure - Loss
Thursday: 30 Dime - Colorado (CBB) - Loss
Wednesday: 30 Dime - Grizzlies - WIN
Tuesday: 30 Dime - Rhode Island (CBB) - Loss
2/10: 30 Dime - Nuggets - Push
2/9: 40 Dime - Celtics-Thunder UNDER - Loss
2/8: 50 Dime - Indiana (CBB) - Loss
2/7: 30 Dime - Kings - WIN
2/6: 40 Dime - Gonzaga (CBB) - Loss
2/5: 30 Dime - Creighton (CBB) - Loss
2/4: 30 Dime - Texas Tech (CBB) - Loss
2/3: 30 Dime - Heat - WIN
2/2: 60 Dime - 49ers - Loss
2/1: 40 Dime - Marquette (CBB) - Loss
1/31: 30 Dime: Pelicans - WIN
1/30: 40 Dime - USC (CBB) - Loss
1/29: 40 Dime - Michigan State (CBB) - WIN
1/28: 40 Dime - Bucks - WIN
1/27: 30 Dime - Kansas 
1/26: 40 Dime - UCLA (CBB) - Loss
1/25: 50 Dime - West Virginia (CBB) - WIN
1/24: 30 Dime - Magic - Loss
1/23: 40 Dime - Pacific (CBB) - Loss
1/22: 40 Dime - Rockets - WIN
1/21: 30 Dime - Florida (CBB) WIN
1/20: 40 Dime - West Virginia (CBB) - WIN
1/19: 50 Dime - 49ers - WIN
1/18: 40 Dime - Maryland (CBB) - WIN
1/17: 30 Dime - 76ers - WIN
1/16: 30 Dime - BYU (CBB) - WIN
1/15: 40 Dime - Boston College (CBB) - Loss
1/14: 30 Dime - Nebraska (CBB) - WIN
1/13: 60 Dime - Clemson (CFB) - Loss
1/12: 40 Dime - Seahawks - Loss
1/11: 50 Dime - Vikings-49ers OVER - Loss
1/10: 40 Dime - Iowa (CBB) - WIN
1/9: 40 Dime - 76ers - WIN
1/8: 30 Dime - Iowa State (CBB) - Loss
1/7: 30 Dime - Virginia Tech (CBB) - WIN
1/6: 30 Dime - West Virginia (CBB) - WIN
1/5: 40 Dime - Saints - Loss
1/4: 40 Dime - Bills-Texans UNDER - WIN
1/3: 30 Dime - Rockets - WIN
1/2: 30 Dime - Portland (CBB) - WIN
1/1: 40 Dime - Auburn (Outback Bowl) - Loss

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30 DIME WINNER #25 OF 37
(AND #15 OF 21)

North Carolina vs. Notre Dame

24-12 run with all 30 Dime plays,
including 14-6 L/20

Twice as strong as Sunday's 
15 Dime winner on Oregon

+166 Dimes L/40 basketball plays
(College and NBA)


Hey, what do you know — we picked up not just a winner on Sunday, but an easy winner, as Oregon throttled Utah 80-62, easily covering the 12½-point line. I told you my power ratings indicated that line was off by at least 3 points, and it turned out it was off by 5½ points.


Now comes the real challenge: Following up Sunday’s 15 Dime winner with another winner today and jump-starting a long-overdue winning streak. I’m fully confident we’re heading in that positive direction, which is why I’m coming back strong with a 30 Dime play on tonight’s ACC clash between North Carolina and Notre Dame.


Keep in mind that I’m on a 24-12-1 run with 30 Dime plays in all sports, including hitting 14 of the last 20. And of course this release is twice as strong as Sunday’s 15 Dime winner on Oregon. Finally, despite what has been a brutal February (to this point, anyway), by cashing with Oregon last night, I’m up 166 Dimes over my last 40 basketball selections (college and NBA).


That means a $50 player who has followed my rating system for my last 40 basketball plays is up $8,300!


Time to build on that particular bankroll with tonight’s 30 Dime Winner #25 of 37 and #15 of 21.

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Stephen DeAngelo's Rating System

The dime rating system is so simple and easy to understand in terms of money-management. Look, my plays are rated on a 10 dime to 100 dime scale. A 20 dimer is twice as strong as a 10 dimer; a 30 dimer is three times as strong, etc., etc.


As for my ratings' strategy, the key for me is spotting bad numbers. The worse the number - as in the bigger discrepancy between what I think it should be and what it actually is in Vegas - the bigger the play.


Understand this: I am an opportunist. Whether I'm up or down, when I see an opportunity to make big money, I go for it. And if I'm on a roll, I'm pushing my chips into the middle of the table and taking a shot for a bigger payoff.

Who is Stephen DeAngelo?

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Handicappers who claim to win all the time.
Three figments of one's imagination. 
I'm a winner. I win consistently over the long term, but that does NOT mean I win every day and any handicapper who claims to do so is bullshitting you.
And when I'm winning I'm all in, pressing the action, going for the jugular.
I'm a no-nonsense guy who doesn't play games — other than those I'm betting. No excuses here; I never deal in "what ifs." When I'm wrong, I'll own it, 1000%. And then I move on, erasing the loss from my memory because tomorrow is another day, another chance to make money. That's the type of mentality you need to not only survive, but thrive as a gambler and a handicapper. And that mindset has carried me from the time I made my first bet in 1995 to selling picks to customers initially 2006. 
This is the ONLY place you will find my picks. I have no phone service, no other source of providing them to the public. So many guys in this industry sell multiple picks at multiple price points at multiple sites, plus have other plays via their phone rooms. Not me. This is it. One play a day. One best bet. 
Welcome aboard the D-Train!

Complimentary Winner - COLLEGE BASKETBALL

Xavier at ST. JOHN'S (+2)

Scored another easy complimentary winner Sunday—my fifth in the last seven days—as Villanova spanked Temple for the seventh consecutive time. For Monday’s freebie, we’ll stay on the East Coast and grab the points with St. John’s as a home dog against Xavier.


I certainly understand it’s been a miserable Big East season for St. John’s, which is 3-9 in league play. But aside from a 20-point loss to Villanova back on Jan. 28, the Red Storm have been highly competitive at home. They suffered three losses to Butler (60-58), Seton Hall (82-79) and Georgetown (73-72) by a combined six points, while knocking off DePaul (74-67 as a three-point favorite) and upsetting Providence on Saturday (80-69 as a 1½-point dog).


St. John’s also owns an upset victory over West Virginia back on Dec. 7, a 70-68 triumph as a four-point home underdog, which was part of a seven-game winning streak to close out non-conference play. Since the Mountaineers win, the Red Storm are a solid 6-2-1 ATS on their home floor.


Meanwhile, Xavier might have a superior overall record (16-9), but the Musketeers haven’t been much better than St. John’s in league play, going just 5-7 (including 2-4 on the road). And they’ve been vastly worse than St. John’s at the betting window (9-15-1 ATS vs. 14-9-2 ATS). That includes St. John’s getting the money in an 8-point loss at Xavier as an 8½-point underdog back on Jan. 5.


Xavier has been dreadful as a favorite, too, cashing in just five of 15 games. And tonight marks the first time the Musketeers have been a road favorite in Big East play. The only occasion this season when Xavier laid points on the road? 80-78 loss at Wake Forest (laying 6 points).


(On a 1♦ to 5♦ basis)