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Wednesday's Promo # 1

Rebound Rout of the Year
- SAVE $65 -

Chuck O'Brien

100 DIME
MLB Winner # 23 of 36

Home Team Mismatch - pitching advantage results in a 4-run win

MATCHES last night's 100-Dime Winner
on the Twins (Run Line) 14-4 over Chicago
that you also got for Over Half Price Off 

MATCHES last night's 100-Dime Winner
on the D'backs (Run Line) 5-3 over Colorado
that you also got for Over Half Price Off 

TWICE as strong as Sunday's 50-Dime Winner
on the Mets (Run Line) 11-5 at Kansas City

Use Coupon Code: Mismatch

Wednesday's Promo # 2

Save $27 off the purchase of ANY Handicapper's Play or Package

Use Coupon Code: Save27

Wednesday's Promo # 3

Lead Pipe Max Wager Lock
- SAVE $77 - 

Bob Valentino - Winning Day # 8 of 10

100 DIME 
Lead Pipe Lock Winner # 5 of 6

MATCHES last night's 100 Die Winner on the
Cubs (Run Line) 5-3 over San Francisco

MATCHES Monday's 100 Dime Winner on the
Nationals 13-0 over Pittsburgh

Matches last Thursday's 100 Dime Winner on the
Twins (Run Line) over the Rangers

Matches last Wednesday's 100 Dime Winner on the
Cardinals over the Royals

Use Coupon Code: Bob22

That Means You Get the Play - AGAIN - for Only $22

Wednesday's Promo # 4

$7.77 Triple Play

Jack Brayman - Winning Day # 87 of 150

$10 bettors have made $30,677 the last 506 Days
including $15,940 the past 148 days - 

Winner # 49 of 75

Interleague Total of the Month

Blue Jays-Dodgers Over/Under

MATCHES last night's 40 Dime Winner # 48 of 74
on the Rockies-D'Backs Over that you got for $7.77

MATCHES Saturday's 40 Dime Winner # 47 of 73
on the Patriots-Titans Under that you got for $7.77

$10 bettors are up $7,860 in baseball this season

Use Coupon Code: Triple7

Wednesday's Promo # 5

Interleague Underdog Max Wager
- SAVE $65 -

Scott Delaney

100 DIME 
Winner # 11 of 18

Interleague Underdog of the Year

Indians - Mets

He's either on the Indians at +135 on the Money Line
or the Mets at +140 on the Run Line

Roll with 100 Dimers In All Sports

$10 bettors have won $10,647 with plays
rated 50 Dimes or higher in all sports

Use Coupon Code: Underdog

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